the latest version of my R package, bsam - bayesian state-space models for animal movement - can be downloaded here in Unix/OS X or in Windows versions

eventually, i'll finalize this package and publishing it on the CRAN site, but for now, after loading the package in R, type ?fitSSM to get help on how to use the package, examples with a supplied dataset are provided at the bottom of the help file. this help file is not yet fully up to date, nor does it cover all the functionality of the package. i'll make the necessary updates when i have time in the near future.


code used in older publications (2003,2005,2006) can be found on the fmap - future of marine animal populations - legacy website: fmap computer scripts.

disclaimer:  no attempt has been made to make these older code snippets widely applicable to different datasets or to make them cross-platform compatible.